Another View of History – the Q.A.R.

Blackbeard by Barnabus Thompson


For those interested in pirate history, Blackbeard and the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

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(Blackbeard image by Barnabus Thompson)


Queen Anne’s Revenge – a Peek at History


Blackbeard ran his flagship aground near the North Carolina coast more than three centuries ago. Thanks to my dear friend, Mike Daniel and his team of underwater explorers, the Queen Anne’s Revenge was found in 1996.

Footage of their work can be viewed here.

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Paranormal Preferences

Summer is here and the Tall Ships are coming to port.  As I sit on the sand and watch the ocean currents, my mind drifts to times long gone and the mysteries that are encased within history.  Deep within the darkest recesses of the ocean’s currents lie the skeletal remains of our past, undiscovered.  Truly, a treasure waiting to be “dug up”.

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