Celebrity Talk – Marti Melville with KEVIN DU TOIT

Kevin Du Toit

Kevin Du Toit, speaks out about his experience in front of the camera on Discovery Channel’s newest reality series, Tethered.  Listen in as Kevin discusses his experience in front of the camera, his success as an iconic realtor with beach-front properties along the California coast, and glamorous stories behind the scenes of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies.


Learn more about Tethered:  http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/tethered.


A little more about Kevin Du Toit – Kevin’s film career began in the late 90’s for Roger Corman. In 1998, he Directed “Bug Night,” winning awards and placing him in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS 2002.  That year Kevin joined Steven Spielberg’s new Film Studio, DreamWorks SKG.  Among many of the industry accomplishments, Kevin contributed to film as director/producer winning awards and bringing attention to many of his short films and indie productions.  Kevin spent eight months in Editorial on director John Moore’s, “Flight of the Phoenix” (20th Century Fox) starring Dennis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson (Transformers).


*This episode was pre-recorded.

Celebrity Talk – Marti Melville with KEVIN DU TOIT


Freedom Rings at the Rodeo

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday. I’m not sure if it was that first blast of the cannon at six am announcing the Lion’s Club breakfast was now officially up and running and flipping the flap jacks…or…if it was the parade that followed filled with home-made floats and people dressed up in red-white-n-blue. Most likely, it was both.


Photo: God bless America!  Happy 4th!

Paranormal Preferences

Summer is here and the Tall Ships are coming to port.  As I sit on the sand and watch the ocean currents, my mind drifts to times long gone and the mysteries that are encased within history.  Deep within the darkest recesses of the ocean’s currents lie the skeletal remains of our past, undiscovered.  Truly, a treasure waiting to be “dug up”.

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